A world we cannot see, at longer wavelengths beyond the rainbow of visible light, infrared photography lends itself to capturing often haunting, mystical images. Best suited for strong sunlight, infrared images reveal stark, bold contrasts. Blue skies are rendered dark, rich tones, and leaves and grass appear ghostly luminous. Clouds become more prominent, and skin tones appear extremely smooth.

These dreamy, unusual effects are created by modifying a digital camera, removing the infrared-blocking filter and replacing it with a filter of a specific wavelength within the infrared spectrum (700-900 nanometers). A common processing technique is to swap red and blue channels in Photoshop which renders the sky blue while retaining the characteristic white foliage.

The infrared images of ‘Offerings’ shows 3 styles of infrared photography using a standard (720 nanometer) filter: Infrared Black and White, infrared as shot, and infrared with applied channel swapping. As an experimental art form, infrared photography allows the artist to envision a hidden beauty, and the viewer to experience ordinary scenes in an extraordinary light.


Ellie Edelhoff is a Bangkok-based photographer specialising in infrared photography and portraiture. For decades she has been traveling and documenting people, places, cultures and objects of worship. Ellie has exhibited her work on many occasions to fund-raise for medical missions and other charities in Thailand and Myanmar.


This collection of 28 images depicts the universal and timeless spirit of offerings. Each image represents a sensual expression of an offering, a flower, an architectural image, or an iconic representation from a spiritual tradition. The senses—smelling, tasting, seeing, touching, hearing—are the means for giving and receiving offerings, the doorways to both the external and internal world. We are constantly performing offerings even if we are not aware of the source of the cognitive energy flowing through and directing our senses. However, with awareness of this energy— Consciousness Itself — enlivening our senses, we can touch a subtle inner reality again and again and come to a nourishing and peaceful state.

Everything is an offering, and everything is to be offered to the light of inner Consciousness.

May all your sensual experiences at Da Noi be an offering!

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