Our Story

“Chi Non Risica Non Rosica”

(Nothing ventured, nothing gained)

Da Noi is defined by the relentless passion, creativity and flair of its gifted Chef Antonio Maurizio Boffa (aka Jimmy) from Ravenna, Romagna.


A passionate chef with experience in various acclaimed restaurant and company settings, he constantly strives to serve the best food possible. He is recognized as a visionary chef with an innate knowledge of food trends and the ability to think outside the box when it comes to the creation of a menu. Jimmy brings forth an in depth knowledge of flavors and food relationships, resulting in umpteen mouthwatering dishes and a stellar menu. One that changes on a quarterly basis and incorporates fresh produce taken from sustainable sources across the country, with some of the herbs grown on site.

Want to learn how to pair your favorite Italian dishes with incredible regional Italian wines?

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